Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Poem: I want to write a poem like Billy Collins does

I’d start with an incident
or observation about ants
angels, a wet dog, hats
or note an object in my life
in the kitchen, on my desk
its relativities to writer’s block
woods, or kings.

I’d quiz its antecedents
linking odd things
with poetic velcro
fixing the words
on leaves just so
juxtaposed to score a grin
or make you think –

I would never
have thought about
the man in the moon
marginal notes
or undressing
Emily Dickinson
like that.

I'm a great fan of Billy Collins poetry and find it very accessible, funny, and a great motivation source (particularly when I, or someone I know, have writer's block').

Visit Tuesday Poem  to view the special Birthday Poem,  a poem in progress (Tuesday Poem is two year's old this month).


  1. I love this. You have done a good job of being Billy. Great fun too. I am a great fan of B.C. for all the same reasons. He makes it seem so simple doesn't he!

    1. Thanks Helen – yes he does that sleight of hand thing with simplicity which leaves me grinning with astonishment

  2. Another great poem - and slightly different than usual - if this is reminiscent of Billy Collins' work then I've been missing out on a great poet.

    1. He shouldn't be too hard to find, he was America's poet laureate a few years back. Thanks Alicia.

  3. This is fabulous - the final stanza really hit me. I enjoy Billy Collins, too - you've really captured his humour and effortlessness so perfectly. Made my afternoon tea time awesome! Thanks, Keith.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, here's to more awesome afternoon tea times with Billy!

  4. Wow, wonderful. This has such an easy flow to it; and yes wholly accessible. I love the idea of poetry velcro, and the last line is killer. I might have to repost this one.

  5. Thanks Michelle and by all means. Cheers.

  6. So glad you wrote this! As a BC fan I applaud you, you've caught the essence of his glorious style - which is one of those wonderful artfully-apparently-artless constructions. Can't think of another poet who reliably makes me laugh out loud.

  7. Your in good company, lillyanne – Carol Ann Duffy is quoted on one of BC's books as saying 'Billy Collin's is one of my favourite poets in the world'.

  8. Hey this one hit a chord, Keith! Fantastic - love the humour in it. Thanks so much for your support of Tuesday Poem this past year - it's been great having you along. Here's to more of your poetry this coming year. Happy Birthday to us. Mary & Claire.

  9. Thanks Mary and thanks for the opportunity to be a Tuesday Poem poet. Happy Birthday and cheers.


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