Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Poem: Dear Ruamoko

I want you to know how much I admire you.
You have to be a male God, right?
All that tectonic testosterone. Looks like
you’ve done some great bad things
but I’m sure you were provoked and besides,
I ain’t lily-white myself. Check out my photo –
how cool are those fangs and the hair style
with the writhing snakes. You might have heard of
our sisters gang, the Gorgons. We did some
neat bad shit before Medusa got her head cut off.
Anyway, maybe when you get out
we could hang and do some stuff –
I’m ace at turning men into stone
which you could use in your rock and roll thing.

Yours immortally


Here is another of the Ruamoko (Earthquake God) poems I am writing. Keep an eye out for future Ruamoko poems on this blog and visit Tuesday Poem for more poems this week.  


  1. Keith, I enjoyed hearing you read this at the Poetry Society. I enjoy its humour, along with the seriousness.

  2. Thanks Helen, I had fun writing a quake poem which wasn't all serious.


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