Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Poem: Life sentences

by day he is a demon drover
who roams with rats in vacant lots
eats pitted dates with monster toads
leaves rinds of snot on rabid stones

his matted mane snares the mist
he shares his mind with dented mates
is atomised by vengeful doves
rants at vets who sieve his dreams

his eyes are stained with totem odes
he vends his verse from vats of steam
stores his rage in raven's drains
strides the street with riven tomes

but when the mares of night invade
the priestly demons that he droves
divest their robes and mitred hats
and rape him on the road

Another poem from my University of Iowa MOOC writing experience. Visit Tuesday Poem for more poems this week.


  1. Dark things entering this poem. I like it, especially the penultimate stanza, all those vs and rs.


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